Winter at home facial kit by DR LeWINN’S

dr lewinns
Dr LeWinn’s Reversaderm, Advanced Skin Correction Starter Kit

Around this time of year your skin changes and you may find it needs a little extra attention. The reality is, we can’t all get to the salon for a good microdermabrasion session or glycolic peel and that is where an at home facial kit like this is oh so handy.

This is a perfect at home facial kit if you haven’t experimented much with masks and peels before or even if you are a seasoned skincare expert, as it is truly so simple to use.  The beautiful box contains five perfectly portioned products which are designed to be used over a two week period.   A cleanser, serum, peel, masque and mositurser all comprise of your essentials for a two week skin correction kit.

The ideal candidate for this kit would be anyone looking to transform dull and damaged skin in just two weeks – hands up .. hello that is me!!

This kit came at the perfect time, I had recently experienced a bit of an outbreak after a rather oily body treatment that rather lavishly extended to a lovely, light facial massage, however my face clearly didn’t share the same blissed out enthusiasm that I did at the time….  so I took this opportunity to give my skincare some intensive attention.

I adore natural products and they are experiencing an abundant time in the limelight of late, however I am a big believer that it is wise to compliment these and support your skin with some serious active ingredients as well.  If it is results you want fast, then sometimes you need to look to science.

For a small kit, it packs some punch, much more than you would expect in your usual at home care as it contains some professional active ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s), Vitamin C, Anti-oxidants and peptides.  All which bring their own strengths to the skincare table.


The packaging on the product clearly outlines in which order to use each product and the duration.  You need to do some planning ahead to work this in and perhaps do it with your evening skincare regime, as every second night you must leave the peel on 20-3- minutes and the masque once a week for 20 mins.



After about a week of using the kit, I noticed that my skin complexion was noticeably more even.  I typically carry a slight flush of redness in my face, however after using the product this subsided and I was left with a clear, fairly  even skin tone without the usual red patches.  After the full two weeks, the day after I stopped the programme, my problem breakout areas were visibly diminished and overall my skin just felt better, smoother, with fewer bumps.    However if you are hoping for a visible difference  in pigmentation, this might not be strong enough. I have the odd large sun spot on the side of my face and was rather wishfully thinking it might be enough to fade it ever so slightly. But think that is one I will have to live with or leave up to the salon pros.

That said, I will certainly be adding this to my staple of at home skincare products for those occasions when my skin just needs more attention than my regular skincare can give it.  Think of it as a bit of a spring clean in the middle of winter!

The Dr LeWinn’s Reversaderm Advanced Skin Correction Starter Kit, is available from top Farmers and selected pharmacies for $69, at this price it is certainly more affordable than a facial and can be done in your own home and in your own time. Winter is the ideal time to use the products, working on a two week cycle, two weeks on and two weeks off.