Why you need a salon quality hairbrush and how to wrap dry your hair


Okay so I need to let you know about the hot new Italian in my life….  my new paddle brush.

I haven’t used a really good brush for years and the 3ME Spazzola professional paddle brush is one serious, smooth operator. I like to think of it as the Ferrari of hair brushes.

Hair brushes are a funny thing, you don’t realise how crap your current one is until you start using one the professional hairdressers use.  I feel like I am cheating on my hairdresser and only she should be allowed to brush my hair with such a professional tool. This might sounds nuts, but I actually look forward to brushing my hair morning and night now, it is far from a chore and honestly more like a sneaky-bit of unexpected pampering.

Salon brushes are a bit of an investment, but they have been designed for function, durability and ease of use so they won’t be something you need to replace regularly.

Here is what makes it a step above the rest:

  • It has a padded cushion which minimises the drag of your hair with each stroke, cleverly designed not to snag.
  • The rubber grip ensures you maintain a strong hold with less slip-age.
  • These paddles brushes are great to wrap-dry your hair when blow-drying (check out more on wrap drying below)

The paddle brushes are available in white, black or orange. RRP $50-$70. Available from selected salons, if you are in Auckland, Wolf&Wolf stock them or alternatively you can phone 0800 445 668 for your nearest stockist.


Wrap drying 101

Wrap drying is a technique that should be used when aiming for a smooth, flat and shiny finish. Rather than tipping your hair upside down and blasting it, instead wrap and stretch the hair in an X  pattern, starting at the left then repeating on the right.

Keep the nozzle of the dryer facing down the hair shaft and always start at the roots working down to the ends. You will need to work in sections, keeping the brush underneath the hair – pull it straight rather than curling it under to get the sleek look.  This technique helps to force the cuticle to lay flat, resulting in less frizz.