Why I have been MIA….and why I am BACK


I have been more than a little quite on the blog lately and in case some of you have been thinking – perhaps this blogging gig just wasn’t for me, well let me assure you, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The real truth is that towards the end of last year I returned to  my old/now newish  job.  My role is in a senior management capacity in sales and marketing, smack back in the heart of the beauty industry, working for some incredible salon brands. Since my return, I have been grappling a bit with the “conflict of interest” of running a beauty blog whilst working for some of the countries best beauty brands.

I have taken some advice from fellow bloggers, industry professionals and friends and the general consensus is to continue – but just to be completely transparent along the way.

I think this is incredibly sound reasoning and although it has taken me sometime to figure out; both what direction my blog will take and to ensure my workplace was comfortable that I can juggle both balls (heck I am a mum –  lets be honest we can juggle many).   At the forefront, I  really just want all of my loyal readers and followers to know that all of my opinions will always be my own.  I will only ever review or write about something I genuinely  love and if for some reason I don’t fall head over heels for a product I am reviewing  – I will always try to be balanced in my approach.

The company I work for distributes far too many brands to mention across salon, pharmacy, department stores and supermarkets.  So I won’t bore you with all the brands that I am exposed to on a daily basis, but I will tell you that whenever I am discussing/reviewing one of the brands that my company distributes – I will always operate on a full disclosure basis.

Like all jobs there is an element of not so exciting, day-to-day activities that involve me bound to my desk but the exciting part with my job, is  there is so many other fun parts as well – that I really want to share with you along the way and give you an insight into, so be prepared to come on a bit of journey with me.

I will continue to share with you products, tips, news and inspiration from all areas of the industry – most of which I typically discover/explore myself.

I started this blog as a way to connect with other women, to educate, inspire and provide a platform for beauty related articles. I really don’t want to stop it and although I have been quiet of late, I want you all to know that the beauty industry is one of my passions and probably always will be.

Here’s to more adventures…….