What is the difference between a BB and a CC cream?


Simply put BB & CC creams are a hybrid of skincare and make-up.  Here is a quick breakdown of the difference between the two and a review of some of my favourites.

BB creams are often referred to as a beauty balm and occasionally a blemish balm.  BB creams are generally lighter in texture than a foundation, as they have more skincare benefits they are typically used as a primer under make-up.  Think of them as a glorified tinted moisturiser.

Almost all BB creams will include an SPF for sun protection which makes them perfect for days when you are out and about but don’t want to be wearing a heap of make-up.

CC creams are colour corrective creams and provide more coverage than a BB cream but not as heavy as a foundation. They typically work a bit harder to hide imperfections and offer a more radiant complexion.

This picture of the 3 BB creams and 1 CC cream gives you a bit of an idea of the differences in consistency on the product smears.  You can clearly see the top right smear which is a CC cream is thicker, providing more coverage. The one I trialled was the Max Factor CC cream, had a lovely  whipped, creamy texture.

In my opinion no two BB creams are the same, some like Rimmel offer NINE properties in ONE tube.   There is a huge difference in colour, coverage and moisturising properties in each of them.  It is really a matter of trying them out to see what kind of coverage you like and what hydration levels your skin needs.  It is also worth considering what you will use your BB cream for?  Will it be your everyday light coverage in lieu of foundation, will it serve as a primer or will it be your weekend go to?

Another point to note is how much variance there is in a medium shade selection.  On the attached picture, the shades I have chosen vary from a light, medium, to medium to dark and yet depending on the time of year I could easily use all of these shades. BB creams are a bit more forgiving that way, due to the lighter coverage.  I find that a bit of bronzer corrects any shade variance easily.

Here is a quick wrap-up of some that I have tested recently:

BB Creams:

Rimmel London BB Cream, $15.99,

This is yummy smelling cream provides a lovely, creamy light coverage and felt hydrating to my skin.  Enough on its own but also worked great as a primer!

Sanctuary Spa BB Cream, $22.99
Provides a light to medium coverage, easy to blend and I felt comfortable enough to wear on it’s own. It is suggested to wear instead of your usual moisturiser or under foundation.  However I always moisturise first before applying BB cream – just a habit I guess.

L’oreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream, $32.99
This is soon to be discontinued and replaced with a Magique BB Cream.  However this formulation provided a natural look that lasted all day.

Max Factor CC Cream, $29.99
An easy to blend , creamy consistency for an almost flawless finish.  I have never needed to apply foundation after using this, great coverage for a natural look.  I would buy again.  Check out my video review on my Facebook page.

Hope you found this useful,  Cherie :)