The Brow Project

brow project final

Since big, bold brows started to become BIG news sometime last year, along with Cara Delevingne – I have been trying so hard to grow  my brows, slowly re-shape and not over pluck, and generally make a bit more of an effort to fill them in, create shape etc.

For years I always thought because I had darker, fuller eyebrows, eyebrow pencils were not neccesary for me. It wasn’t until I was working backstage for an event about five years ago, I got chatting to a make-up artist,  he explained brow pencils aren’t just for those who have over-plucked or have no brows but they are great for definition, filling in the gaps and framing your face.  So for me brow pencils are relatively new-ish addition to my make-up routine.

On my recent quest, I have discovered these three brow products that have been with me on this journey over the last year, one of each I now use as part of my daily routine, depending on what kind of look I am going for.

MAC Brow Pencil $tbc

This retractable, self sharpening pencil is sooo easy to use, it is the perfect introductory pencil if you are new to filling in and shaping your brows.  It is deliciously soft, and allows for light, feathery strokes.  The small tip means you are able to draw smaller, natural strokes. The only downside with this little beauty is as it is so super soft and easy to use, you burn through it quite quickly. I will buy this one again as I enjoyed using it but decided to keep it for days that I was in a hurry as you couldn’t really go too wrong.

MAX FACTOR Brow Pencil $20.99

This brow pencil comes in two shades Hazel and Ebony.  It also has a handy brow applicator on the the lid, which is so useful for getting the desired shape and exposing those gaps that need filling.  It is a little firmer than some of the other pencils I have tried, but that of course means, it will last for months and months (maybe even years depending on use). Although it is firmer, it doesn’t drag or scratch the eyebrow.  Simply use light, soft strokes in the same direction as the hair growth.  I used the Hazel shade and it is a bit lighter that my natural eyebrow shade which I personally prefer as you can build on the colour if you want more definition.  I really like this as a next step up from the Mac pencil, if you are confident with your brow shape and filling and know how to work the pencil and want one to last forever, this one is for you.  A good everyday pencil or for special occasions.

SmashBox Brow TECH To Go, $43.00

This compact little two in one brow product has an angled, long-wearing waterproof pencil on one end and a clear brow gel on the other.  The pencil on this one is a slightly thicker than your usual pencil, and the angel shape took me a little longer to master.  But once I did master, oh boy it is clever!  It allows such strong, definition in one easy sweep.  You can use it with the angel side to frame your brows horizontally, for the popular arch effect and then just turn it and use the thinner edge to fill the gaps in between your hairs for a lovely natural look.  By finishing with a sweep of the gel you can expertly keep your brows in place. This is definitely a professional tool which gives you perfectly, polished brows in a handy compact size.  I generally use this one for my days in the office or when out in the evenings.


So after all of this trailing, growing and careful plucking, I was a bit chuffed when one of my besties recently asked if I had my brows done.  I took this as a bit of a compliment for two reasons;  one she has a bit of a thing for brows so some would say she has “an eye for these things” (no pun intended) and secondly as it is something I was able to master on  my own without the help of the professionals I felt secretly stoked!

I was at a make-up talk recently, and one of the artists was asked “if you only do three things for  your make-up routine before you leave the house, what should they be”: His response was: “Mascara, brows and I can’t remember the third I think he said bb cream, (it certainly wasn’t lips which is what I would have said) but anyway he then when on to say,  If you only do one thing – it should be brows!  I agree that brows certainly frame the face and you can certainly feel “done” and polished if your brows are tidy.

I hope you find this useful, would love to hear of any other awesome brow products you think I should try and possibly review as well.