Six quick tips for healthy winter skin

Winter Skin

One of the most common questions I am getting asked at the moment is … …

What can I do for my dry winter skin?

The cooler weather, along with longer, hot showers & heating can strip precious moisture from our skin. However a few simple changes to your beauty regime, will help keep the moisture in and restore the balance quickly.

  1. You need to step up your skincare regime in winter. The same, light-weight products you were using in summer may not be cutting it the cooler months. Cream cleansers, night oils, richer moisturisers & body butters are your friends this time of year.
  2. If you suffer from the odd dry patch on your face, try adding a drop of Rosehip Oil to your evening moisturiser or night cream to give you an extra boost of hydration. My favourite is Trilogy Rosehip Oil.
  3. If you haven’t tried a serum before, now is a good time to start, your skin will thank you for the extra layer of hydration. Try Snowberry New Radiance Face Serum.
  4. The change of season is also a brilliant time to give yourself an at home facial. Dr Lewinns has an effective advance skin correction starter kit, which contains some serious active ingredients in five different products designed to transform dull and damaged skin in 2 weeks.
  5. Make-up wise, those of you using blusher, you might want to try replacing your powder blush to a cream blush for subtle extra hydration over the cooler months, plus it gives you a soft, dewy look. I love Max Factor Crème Blush.
  6. Drink water, lots of it!  Every beauty therapist will tell you that the fastest and cheapest way to better skin is to drink 2-2 litres of water a day.  It can be easy to neglect our hydration levels in the cooler months, opting for a warm mug of tea instead, but step up H20 and your skin will thank you for it.