PRODUCT REVIEW – Loreal Mythic Oil

Loreal mythic

I first discovered this “mythical” product a few weeks ago when my hairstylist insisted I try it and you can bet that it is now a regular in my hair care regime.

Seriously this is my hair SOS! My dry, over bleached, constantly shedding locks have now taken on a silky new life and have not felt this healthy in a long time. Grab a cuppa this is going to be a bit of a novel!

This version is a blow-dry in oil-in-cream that you simply apply to damp hair, using a size around a 10 cent piece, rake through with your fingers focusing on mid lengths and ends, comb through then blow dry and leave in. The result after a few weeks is healthy, silky hair.

What I love about it is: the smell is divine, the creamy texture doesn’t overburden your hair or weigh it down and it provides a heat protection up to 230 degrees.

If I am honest this hasn’t replaced another product in my hair care regime. BUT I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have been blasting away with the hairdryer and irons without a heat protector in recent years so this fills that gap nicely and my hair is seriously thanking me for it!

The key ingredient is black cumin oil which nourishing properties work to coat the hair in a protective veil. I have fine hair and don’t need to use much but it is suitable for all hair types and is a demon on taming those flyaway with an anti-frizz effect!