Price Wise – a new way to shop for beauty products

price wise 1

So I made a fab discovery today, that I need to share with you, just in case you don’t know about it yet – like me, up until a few hours ago!  I was shopping with the two littlies getting supplies for my little mr’s bday party this weekend and I stumbled across Price Wise.

Price Wise as the name suggests, is a smartly priced retailer but of health and beauty products!  Not a pharmacy/ PriceLine type thing if you are familiar with the aussie chain and not a department store either, kind-of somewhere in the middle.  With very knowledgeable and friendly staff, they currently have five stores across the city in Auckland, with plans to expand nationwide over the coming year.  However their online store is up and running now, with free shipping on orders over $20 wherever you are in NZ!

price wise 3

With brands like Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Lipidol, Nude by Nature, Bio-Oil and selected fragrances, plus essentials like tissues, batteries & nappies, they do have some good price promotions.  Plus they even stock the Wow Colour Root touch up shadows for your hair, which I have previously posted about here if you want to read more, and as expected it is a wee bit cheaper than the RRP elsewhere.  I wouldn’t go there with a specific brand/product in mind, as the range is limited, but they certainly have some good deals, if you are keen to stock up on some old favourites or want to try new items. Next on my list is the Flash eyelash serum, I have heard wonderful things about this one!

price wise 2

My first question to the lovely staff was, “is it all parallel imported product?” to which I was informed that in fact no, Price Wise is owned by BDM Grange who is one of the largest cosmetic and fragrance importers/distributors in NZ, so you are buying direct from the importers.  Which in my opinion, is so refreshing, as we have been limited for a selection of retailers in NZ for far too long, with a bit of a monopoly if I am honest in the department store stakes.  I love that it is 100% NZ owned and operated!

Today, I was delighted to pick up this Batiste Dry Shampoo gift pack with shower cap for only $12! (please tell me I am not the only one that still uses a shower cap?) I could easily have walked out with plenty more, but I will go back when I have a bit more time to peruse the offerings, as shopping with two pre-schoolers isn’t really fun for anyone!


If you add Price Wise to your list of next stores/sites to check out soon, let me know what you thought.