My indulgent day

Nail ring shot

Today was a very rare occasion indeed. I start my new (old) job next week (another blog post to follow on that one soon) and I was planning on going straight from one job to the next, but my very, sensible husband suggested that I take a week off in between.  So sensible! I can be a bit of a work-aholic.  As I  work part-time, a week off is officially only three days off as the rest of the week I am lucky to be with my children, but yesterday I ended up working and tomorrow we are heading off on a long overdue family holiday.

So today, oh happy day – I had six precious hours all to myself, no work, no little people, no cramming in catching up with friends/family…. just me… doing. things. for. me. I honestly did not waste a second of it. Being beauty mad, the first thing I do, of course, is book in for my regular nail appointment and got my lovely coral and grey gel mani.  I normally squeeze this appointment in before work or in the evenings but it was so nice not having to rush off to be anywhere.

My fabulous hairdresser, Kat at WOLF  & WOLF is located in the city, so I used this precious day off to head in a little earlier and catch up on some shopping, a few new outfits for the new job…  any excuse to shop, lets be honest!

My first stop was topshop, I just love it there, not everything in there is for me, but I can pretty much always be guaranteed to come out with a few pieces to update the new season.  Having lived in the UK and been lucky enough to travel quite often for work, I have been a top shopper for years, and for the price I am impressed with the quality.  I still have top shop pieces I purchased years ago!

Next up, I gapped it down to high street to call in to my favourite jeweller’s Carats, the lovely lads at Carats designed my engagement and wedding rings and they have always said to pop in any time to get them cleaned.  I am a bit embarrassed to say that in the seven or so years that I have had my ring/s this is probably the third time I have done this – eekkk!   But oh boy, I wish I did it more regularly, they look so shiny, bright white and new all over again, it honestly took me right back to that heady moment of being newly engaged with freshly painted nails and a bright new sparkler on my hand..  squuee!

Before I knew it, it was time to head to the salon for the highlights (being blonde is high maintenance right) but I have to say since I have discovered this darker bronde shade, which is closer to my natural, I feel like I am getting a few more weeks out of my colour, which is always a bonus!

As 3 o’clock loomed closer it was time to ditch the city and head back to the ‘burbs for the kindy/pre-school run.

So now as I write this with Chardonnay in hand, little ones asleep, a mammoth to do list for our holiday, general home admin and the creeping pressure of my new job mounting next week.  I know a day like this will be few and far between but it is something I will certainly treasure.  I know it is not easy but if you can, take a moment to for your own “feel good” personal admin, even if it is just a simple as dropping your jewellery in to get cleaned, as us girls need to make a bit more time for us x.