My amazing Ultraceuticals Facial and testing out the new Flossie app

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My ultimate luxury, if I have a spare hour and few dollars, is booking myself in for a facial.

I know not everyone likes having your face touched, but I totally love it.  As soon as I step in to the room I zone out, with the relaxing music playing, candles burning and just the thought of being pampered, not to mention all of those delicious active ingredients working hard away that get massaged into to my skin.

For me, I feel it is also an incredibly sensible time, to get a bit of a diagnosis of your skin.  I have been experiencing a change in my skin type over the last 12-18 months.  For most of my adult life, I would always have said, I had typically dry skin, prone to the occasional breakout but nothing significant.  However in the last 12-18 months since having my second child and perhaps entering my mid 30’s my skin has changed significantly.  It is what I would call more combination now, and almost certainly prone to hormonal breakouts without fail around that time of the month!

I have slowly been adapting some small changes to my skincare routine, to try and restore some balance, however I haven’t been having a huge amount of long-term success.

That is when I call in the experts.   My adorable beauty therapist, who I have been going to for nearly 10 years is currently on maternity leave, so I took this opportunity to try out the new Flossie Concerige app – have you tried it yet? Essentially you select what treatment you want, ideal times and locations and then, if salons have any appointments available, they will come back to you with suggested treatments and times.    What a clever concept, I LOVE  this, as very rarely do I get the luxury of much advanced notice that I am going to have some spare, precious moments of “me-time”, often it is the day before or sometimes even that day, I figure I can squeeze in a treatment. So this app is a god-send to me. Check it out if you haven’t done so yet, it is currently available in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Queenstown.

One of the suggested salons that came back with an available time was Haven, in Mt Eden.  It was suggested that I experience a heavenly Ultraceticals Detoxifying facial.  When I arrived, the welcoming team put me straight under the UV lamp to get a closer look at my skin.  Aside from the usual pigmentation and sun damage that I expected to see, I had a strange patch of dead skin on my forehead and some irritation and redness on my cheek.  Overall the diagnosis from my lovely therapist was, my skin is rather unbalanced.

At the end of my treatment, the therapist suggested a couple of changes to my skincare, would help restore some balance. Such as switching from a foaming or oil cleanser to a milk cleanser and incorporating more Vitamin A in to my skincare.  I left with a few key suggestions from the Ultraceuticals range that I  will certainly  check out and look to incorporating in to my skincare regime. On my pre-consult form, I ticked that ageing and fine lines/wrinkles was one of my concerns.  My knowledgeable therapist suggested that given the rather unbalanced nature of my skin, my primary concern should be to restore the balance before combating anti-ageing. Such sage advice!


In addition to a relaxing, prescriptive facial with sound recommendations and a wonderful touch, I also love the small things when I go to a treatment, and Haven really go the extra mile.  At the end of your treatment you are brought a small refreshment to enjoy in your room. A refreshing cold glass of water, a square of Whittakers dark chocolate and some delicious almonds.  It was such a delightful way to finish an incredibly relaxing, restorative hour. But it didn’t stop there, I got a courtesy call from my therapist a few days later, just checking in on how my skin was after the facial and to answer any questions or concerns I might have.  Haven – you are true to your name, and I will be back.

As an aside, I think you all know this but I really want to mention it, I have not been paid to promote these companies or brands and all of my opinions are my own.  These business are ones that I genuinely feel passionate about sharing with you x


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