Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara


Rather than focus on all the new cool kids on the block in the mascara world, today I am going to introduce to an old friend of mine – the classic that is, Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara.  This mascara has been around for years, I am not even sure how long exactly, but I have been using it on and off (and I just keep going back to it) for about the last 8 years.  They are so many new mascaras launching every year, but you know you are on a to a good thing if it hasn’t been reformulated or deleted in recent years!

This brush is nothing fancy, not super big nor extra long, it is not curved or with bulb at the end of it, but instead it is just a classic, standard, straight brush.  I like this in a brush, as it means it is easy to navigate, resulting in fewer corrections with the cotton tip.

Here is why I love it, it gives you great separation, length and volume, plus it is really easy to layer.  So for me it is the perfect mascara for everyday use or you can build it up for a more dramatic, evening look.   The formula goes on smoothly, without clumping and doesn’t smudge.  I have been trialling a few different mascaras lately and this is ALWAYS without fail the one I will fish around for in my make-up drawer to find – as it is my constant fave.

I don’t know if I am alone here, but for me a mascara really comes in to its own after it is has been open a week or so. I haven’t really delved in to the science of it but it must be the oxidation process or something similar.  So don’t be disheartened if a new mascara you have tired, doesn’t deliver in the first few applications.  Give it time and it might just step up.

For me removing mascara should be simple, as the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is spend longer than you need to removing eye make-up from your delicate eye area.  I love how easily this mascara comes off with my standard cleanser and it doesn’t irritate my eyes, so this is also good choice if you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses.

MAX FACTOR MASTERPIECE MAX MASCARA is available from Farmers & selected pharmacies, RRP $29.99