How to make your eyeliner stay on all night!

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MAKE-UP ARTIST TIP: How to make your eyeliner stay on all night!

If you LOVE that dark lined look on the insider rim/waterline of your lower lid, this little trick will teach you how to keep it there all day or night. Kate Middleton is a huge fan of this look. The first time a make-up artist did this on my eyelids I was speechless, honestly so simple and effective.

The first step is to apply your pencil eyeliner to the bottom inside eye rim (your waterline) a few times to get a good coating. Then using your firmest, narrow tipped and ideally angled brush – apply some dark, matte shadow in a similar colour to your pencil. Slowly pat on to the rim, across the water line. You might need to blink a few times as you did this to clear some of the loose shadow that might get in your eyes. That is it – so simple, it will now stay put!

Putting the powder on top of the liner, sets the eye liner and stops it from disappearing in the blink of an eye.

I used a black pencil and black shadow for this dark rimmed effect. So simple and a great trick to keep those eyes looking glam all day or night!