HOW TO: Keep Your Hair UP When Working OUT


If you are like me and have carelessly been tying your hair up in the tightest top knot you can when you head to the gym or out for a run, to stop it from getting in your way…then you NEED to know about SPIN PINS from Mita Hair Accessories

These things are soooo easy to use and your hair will stay in place for the duration of your workout and way beyond. I am addicted to RPM at the moment and use these little clips every time and without fail they deliver as I NEVER have to stop and re-tie a loosening pony.

They are like little screws that are open at one end and all you do is tie your hair in a pony, wrap it round in a bun then screw one pin in one direction and the other pin from the other side so they kind of cross over and your hair is solid and secure.

Elastics can be incredibly damaging to your hair, as they apply so much pressure and can result in breakage. So these are a nice alternative for healthy hair too!