How often do you clean your hairbrush? DIY in 4 Easy Steps…


I have never been great at regularly cleaning any of my make-up or hair brushes, until recently. I have noticed a strong correlation between cleanliness and performance of said brushes. Just like that awesome feeling of using a newly purchased or newly cleaned eye shadow brush,  when your make-up seems to glide on better, using a newly cleaned hair brush is like taking performance to the next level.

Possibly one of the reasons I have never bothered too much with properly cleaning my hair brushes before (aside from regularly emptying them of hair) were perhaps because I never had a salon professional one, until recently. Read about my fav Italian brush here.

The most obvious reasons as to why we should be cleaning our brushes regularly, is largely due to the build up of oil, dust and product that comes from brushing our hair everyday.  This might sound hard to believe, but cleaning your hairbrush regularly, helps keep your hair cleaner for longer – trust me, try it and see what you think.

Here is a few quick steps of how to clean your brush like a pro:

  1. First step is to empty your brush of all excess hair.  This is easy if you have a brush with straight bristles and no bulb on the end.  I just use the pointy end of a tail comb (or a pen if you don’t have a tail comb) to dig close to the bottom of the bristles and work your way around to pry the hair up to the top – so it is easy to pull out in one or two sections.  If your brush has bulbs at the end, you might need to use scissors to cut the hair before trying to lift off the paddle.
  2. Once all excess hair has been removed, simply fill up the basin with luke-warm water and add a bit of mild soap or shampoo and swish around until you are happy with the result.
  3. Then I get a paper towel and pinch around the base of the bristles with the my fingers in a tweezer-like motion (or you could also use actual tweezers) to lift out any of the pesky little “dust rings” that sit at the bottom of your brush – if you aren’t super diligent at cleaning your brushes (like me!)
  4. Then I towel dry my brush and leave it to air dry in the sun,  face down if it is a paddle brush, so the water doesn’t run down into the main section.  You can also blow dry your brushes with a hair-dryer if you need it to dry in a hurry.

There you have it – a few easy steps to clean your hair brushes and I promise you will notice a difference in your hair.

Sorry there are no step by step pics, honestly they were just too grim!  But it is pretty straight forward.