Flash Eyelash Serum: Product Review

Flash 2ml in Carton

I LOVE long lashes, who doesn’t? Unlike eyebrows, lash length or volume doesn’t seem to be trend driven.  They are coveted through the decades. Although I am at times in denial, I really haven’t been blessed with super long, luscious lashes – but they aren’t teeny-tiny either, I would say middle of the road length. With a bit of effort, armed with an eyelash curler and multiple coats of mascara, I can get them to a suitable “party-ready” level without the help of false eyelashes.

However, recently I have been watching several friends closely that swear by lash growth serums and I have seen the impressive results first hand.  So when the opportunity came to review FLash Eyelash Serum I jumped at the chance.

FLash is a physician formulated cosmetic treatment that is incredibly safe for sensitive eyes  to promote healthy, stronger, longer & even curled lashes fast.

FLash is relatively simple and straightforward to use. It comes in a handy lip gloss looking tube with a brush applicator not too dissimilar to a liquid eye liner. It is recommended that you apply to clean, dry eyelids once a day (morning or night) I chose night as it just felt weird to put mascara over a treatment.  To apply just glide the applicator brush over your lash line from one corner of the eye to the other. I was expecting it to sting just a little – but was pleasantly surprised when there was no discomfort. TIP: I was originally applying on the base of my actual lashes and hoping it would seep down in to the roots, however once I started to apply along the lash-line, eyelid side, THAT is when I noticed results.

lashes long

I didn’t get a before pic of my lashes with my lids closed but you can clearly see just how long they are now!

I have been using the serum for 6 weeks and can confidently say I have experienced some serious growth, one of my colleagues also trialling it at the same time has noticed that her lashes are also starting to curl, which hasn’t happened before.

lashes b and a

At $59 for a three months supply, it is certainly one of the more competitive lash serums on the market, well worth a look.