DIY: Make-up Brush Cleaner

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DIY: Make-up Brush Cleaner

There are lots of reasons you should clean your make-up brushes regularly. One of the most concerning is bacteria can build up on your brushes, which can lead to break outs – yuck! Experts suggest you clean them every two weeks (not realistic for most of us I know, but something to aim for at least depending on how much use they get).

I have a few simple tips of how you can do this at home with items you already may have in your cupboard.

You will need the following:
Baby Shampoo or other gentle shampoo
Small shallow bowl

Start with a drop of baby shampoo (I used Eco-store Baby Shampoo as this is what I use on my kids) but any gentle shampoo will do the trick, mix with luke warm water.

Start by swirling the brush gently in the bowl to remove the make-up, don’t apply too much pressure on the brush as this could cause damage to the bristles and might result in changing shape.

Rinse with clean warm water, wipe clean with a tissue then leave to dry overnight on a towel or upright in a jar.

This will work with most brushes and make-up build up, however if you have really stubborn brushes that need more attention, try cleaning in eye make-up remover instead for an effective deep cleanse.