Colour Wow Root Touch-Up

new root touch up

STYLIST TIP: Professional Hairstylists have been using eye-shadow as a root touch-up for greys and re-growth for years in photo shoots on on runways. Now some clever cookie has developed a kit for you to use at home.

WOW Root touch-up is available in New Zealand now.  I had a play with these at Smith & Caughey’s recently and was quite impressed with the ease of use and coverage you get.

It is a little bit hard to tell in the pic below as I didn’t put much on, but you can see on the left, I have applied it to the roots vs the right is my dark natural roots sans any root touch-up! (I am booked into the salon next week – I promise!)

It is very natural and perfect for a night out to keep you looking smart between the salon visits. So simple to use you just apply with the brush provided and seal with a light spritz of hairspray and if washes out easily.