Brands matter…to me

brand i love
Brand Loyalty – is it a thing of the past?


I was shopping (for cosmetics recently – how surprising..) and I mentioned to the assistant who was helping me with my selection that I was keen to try a new brand that I had never tried before and I divulged that I was typically fairly brand-loyal when it came to my cosmetics,  she mused that brand loyalty is a thing of the past.  It got me thinking, how much brands mean to me – yes we are faced with more choice than ever before, but I can’t help but disagree, I certainly hope brand loyalty is not waning.

Having spent most of my career building brands, I live and breathe brands daily.  In some small way we all do, knowingly or not – right down to the milk we drink.  I honestly really buy in to them, sadly I am the ultimate consumer/a marketers dream – hook ,line and sinker…. I BUY-IN! I buy in to their identity, their philosophy and more recently with the rise of social media – their community. To me brands aren’t just a marketing tactic to get us to connect, they serve different purposes, some are purely functional, others more aspirational and some are just comfortable,  like when you are out shopping for a new pair of kicks and just want to reach for your old trusty Nikes/chucks.

In terms of beauty brands, you well know I am certainly loyal to a few, but I do appreciate that in this modern, commercial world we are faced with more choice than ever before and it is not uncommon to use dozens of different brands.   I counted 47 different health and beauty brands (not products – brands! in my cabinet, including cosmetics, skincare & oral care ) oh I just realised I that had forgotten to include the fragrances on my dresser, eekk add another five! That is a crazy amount, I know it is – not to mention that I have between two and four different products in some of these brands, and these are just the ones I use on the regular – sheesh!


Anyway it got me thinking of a few brands that I really identify with and genuinely get excited about if these beauties pop up in my news feed, inbox, mailbox or if I am strolling past their shopfront.  Not just beauty brands,  but other brands that I guess reflect my current lifestyle and belief system, in a funny kind of way.  I did up a little pic of those brands I’m ‘feeling’ right now all for different reasons.

brand i love

In my opinion, yes companies and brands have to work harder than ever to cut through to their consumers now with the increasing choice on offer, but as far as I am concerned I will remain brand loyal to these brands for a while yet.


I don’t necessarily mean I will be loyal to these brands for the rest of my life, certainly not, but for the phase of life I am at right now,  these are my constants.  Every time I light a candle, spray a scent, apply a coat of lipstick, squeeze in a workout, wear that new dress or chuck EVERYTHING in to my oversize handbag these brands are with me, helping me in some small way to achieve or survive the day.  Yes I know it actually the product that fulfils the specific task but I believe the reliable or aspirational or functional brand is behind me every little step of the way.

This is obviously something, possibly rather oddly close to my heart, but I am interested to know if I am alone on this, do you see products as brands, do you still adore brands – any brands, just as much me?    What makes you connect with a brand?