7 Day Lipstick Challenge


Recently I set myself a wee challenge, to wear more lipstick. Well, if I am completely honest, it wasn’t so recent as it was one of my more achievable, new years resolutions.  I feel it is safe to say, I am on track and generally don’t leave the house without a coat of some sort of colour on my lips (unless I am hitting the gym – I wish I could be a lipstick wearing gym-goer…but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to do it… the thought of it getting all smeared over my towel mid RPM class.. maybe)

Anyway back to the challenge, I thought it would be fun to wear 7 different shades and brands across 7 consecutive days.  I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, how I just LOVE, how lipstick can instantly lift your mood, change your look and allow you to feel “put together” in one simple step. I have a confession to make, there is likely to be more than 6 lipsticks/glosses/balms in one of my handbag’s at anyone time (and I have three handbags that are on high rotation). I don’t know why I have such an affinity to them and feel the need to constantly mix it up, but alas I do, and  I have never been one to have a “signature shade” I honestly love the way you can just change it up constantly.

I most certainly have days were I feel like I don’t always get it right, shade-wise but I love experimenting and having fun with make-up, as long as you feel good – that is all that counts right?!

So in preparation for this blog, I have been testing out a few different lipsticks from my usual favourite brands and a few new ones too so I can share my top 7 I wore across the week with you.

Here is a quick recap of the week.

Day 1

I wanted to start the week of with a bang and Day 1:  Karaen Murrell, Red Shimmer certainly gave it a pop. This is the first Karen Murrell lipstick I have tried and I adore it. The pigment is rich, the colour is long wearing and it has a really creamy texture that just glides on. Red is not an easy colour to wear but this shade is quite soft and forgiving. It is important to note that there is no one red that suits all, so you must try a few on to find the right shade to suit your tones.

karen murrell


Day 2

This shade is Rimmell London, Pink Gossip lipstick. This has to be one of my all time favourite shades, it is a light soft pink hue in hot pink packaging! Rimmel lipsticks are available in such fun shades and are priced so well – I just love them. The texture is this one is quite light weight so you never feel like you are wearing lipstick, which makes reapplying a breeze and it smells yummy!



Day 3:

MAC Cosmetics, PURE ZEN.   This shade is my go to everyday/goes with everything all time favourite nude lippy!!
I love the creamy texture of MAC lipsticks, they don’t tend to bleed or dry on your lips and best of all you can recycle your empties for a free one!  Whenever I am short on time, I have no idea what to do to compelete my look I reach for Pure Zen with confidence it will work.


mac pure zen

Day 4 – Beauty Addicts, In the Buff.
This lipsticks stays in my car so I will never be caught short with out an emergency lippy.  I love that  I can just slather it on at any time and it will work with whatever I am wearing and whatever I am up to, work, park with kids, shopping etc.  This rich, hydrating lipstick is a from US brand beauty addicts.


beauty addicts

Day 5
I am actually wearing a blend of two shades in this pic, Max Factor Bewitching Coral and Mac Pure Zen.
I did my smokey eye make up first and the planned lipstick shade just did not work with this look. This is where mixing colour works perfectly.


lipstick mf

Day 6: Australias Velourlips, Buda-Pash.
I know this isn’t technically a lipstick but this matte lip cream applies like a gloss but dries to rich, deep hue matte finish. It lasts for hours and the range of colours are so much fun I just had to share a pic.
It has been another warm day here, so have my afternoon rosy glow on again – but you get the idea.
Anyone getting sick of these selfies yet only, only one more day to go!



Day 7: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Hydrangea.
A nice bright coral/pink for a sunny day, this colour will be my go to over spring/summer which is sooo close. These REVLON lipsticks are true to shade/swatch and at the moment are on special only $18 from Farmers. Oh and the smell is a heady scent of vanilla and strawberry shortcake yum!


lipsticks revlon

Hope you have enjoyed this little challenge as much as I have.  I really had a heap of fun bringing you a different brand/shade each day, it certainly gave me a bit more confidence in to trying some bolder, brighter shades.  I hope this inspires you to be a little bolder with your lip colour and give lipstick a go if you don’t wear it often.